About Team Brissette

Real estate today is very exciting. Many changes are taking place, especially with respect to technology. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the way we conduct business. At the same time, we are determined to continue offering good old-fashioned customer service. You can count on us to give you the attention you deserve, whether you are buying or selling. 
We insist on providing first class service to our clients, from initial consultation to closing. We strongly believe that understanding our client’s needs is essential to the organization of any real estate acquisition or sale. We listen to our clients so as to understand their goals, we put in the effort needed to serve our clients well, and we deliver the best outcome possible. We want to be the reason that our clients smile. Our founder’s backbone with 34 years experience, his drive to do what he says, and deliver the desired results is evident. He cares about each and every team member and each and every client that hires us. 
As leading real estate professionals in our community, we are dedicated to providing the finest service available while breaking new ground. The real estate industry today is constantly evolving, and you need a team of professionals who understands this diversity and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. 
We are excited to be aiming towards a new target for 2023. Before the year is over, we aim to be doing 30 sales every month and to have a raving fan, our clients’ in each one of those home purchases or sales. We are so grateful for all the good fortune that has come our way and to have so many clients sending us friends and family whom we have the opportunity to serve. Thank you for cheering us on! 
Other than calling us to Buy or Sell a home – where we can mutually help one another, we ask a favour of you. We are in the process of seeking out like minded individuals to join our team. We have teamed up with an amazing, top coaching team well known in the industry. They train top 1% realtors in Canada and in the United States. Michel was on Kathleen Black’s stage in Niagara Falls this past November. Kathleen, and her team of coaches along with Michel will help our realtors be their best selves, attentive, driven, reliable, knowledgeable, and the reason others around them smile. This applies to not only those that entrust Team Brissette to buy or sell a home but to each other on the team. When someone hires Team Brissette, they can expect amazing realtors that do what they say supported by other amazing non-licensed people that work with systems that are top notch. If you know of anyone that loves to have fun and is driven, have them call us and please ask that they tell us that you sent them our way. If they are the right fit and they come at the right time, we promise to do all we can to be the reason they smile. We can’t wait to thank you for introducing us to them.